The 'Bottom Line' Is Electric Wire Hustle Are Back With A Little Help From Flako


Last week we brought you news of Electric Wire Hustle's upcoming sophomore set, Love Can Prevail, and the promised taster EP, These Are The Last Days, which is due to drop June 2nd. The EP will feature two album cuts, "These Are The Last Days" and "Bottom Line," alongside remixes from Eliphino and Flako, and you can now check out the latter's effort via RBMA. It's always difficult to judge a remix when you haven't heard the original track, but we do know that Flako is on a bit of a roll lately -- Fatima's "La Neta" and "Family" anyone? -- so it should come as little surprise that his take on "Bottom Line" is stellar. Mara TK is once again the star of the show with his smooth, soulful croon, but Flako's handclap-heavy beat is the perfect musical match.

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