‘Run!’ Don’t Walk Towards M&O


Nighttime is the right time for reflection, but M&O — the Bounce-Worthy duo formerly known as Milo & Otis — do a wee bit more in their visual for their latest single “Run!” Filmed mostly in what appears to be a spacious but bare loft, lead vocalist Jamilla Woods unleashes some bottled up angst as she croons amid shadows and light while joining her partner in music crime, Owen Hill, to jam on their instruments all while the city lights glimmer around them.

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So what’s the real take away from this striking visual? Woods offers the clarification, as she told Pigeons and Planes that the intent was to have the song’s rhythmic mood swings materialize on film: “In the video we wanted to continue the contradiction, so we found a place that felt massive while still being trapped, contained and somewhat claustrophobic (courtesy of the pressing shadows). I guess at the end of the day, that’s what being in a relationship can feel like too.” That is some deep soul reflection right there.

If you haven’t already copped M&O’s latest project, Almost Us, then what exactly are you doing with your life? High tail yourself over to their Bandcamp spot in order to hear “Run!” and other alternative soul highlights from this talented and adventurous Chicago duo.

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