Roman Lee Norfleet Takes 'Enfunkenment' To The Streets Of Los Angeles

Roman Lee Norfleet Enfunkment Video

Roman Lee Norfleet is taking it to the streets with the video for his latest single. Bringing new life to “Enfunkenment,” which is the title track from his new solo EP, he's giving us all a look into his average day. Norfleet goes from banging out beats in his bedroom to storming the streets of Los Angeles singing the good news of boom bap and funk. After traveling through a busy rush hour crowd, he continues waxing poetic in front of the doors of the church while rocking one of the grandest afros we’ve seen since Kevin Michael’s early days. Norfleet wails about freeing your mind, body and soul. "Loving ain’t hard if you know what it means,” he sings. It’s certainly clear that Norfleet is all about big beats, big samples and even bigger messages. Check out this funky visual, and be sure to grab a copy of Enfunkenment on Bandcamp.

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