Quadron & The Greater LA Cathedral Choir Create An ‘Avalanche’


Sometimes there is nothing better than two of your favorite musical elements coming together to make an already idyllic track into something flawless. That is exactly what took place when the gospel styles of the Greater LA Cathedral Choir met up with the alternative soul of Quadron‘s Coco O. to create the perfect musical blend.

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I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing the GLACC perform live previously, so it was an absolute thrill to hear that Quadron had pulled the famed group in for a collaboration earlier this year. Video has just now surfaced of the pairing, and it’s as heavenly as you’d imagine. Filmed in black and white, this short clip opens at The Church on York as we listen to Coco share thoughts on what it feels like to perform in a sacred space with such wonderfully natural acoustics. Styled flawlessly in a beaded silver dress with her hair coiffed into a stylish beehive, Coco stands with the GLACC and delivers a remarkable rendition of “Avalanche,” the title track from Quadron’s 2013 album. This amazing acoustic version allows Coco’s immaculate vocals to ring clear, assisted by the masterful harmonization of Greater LA Cathedral Choir throughout.

If you are a fan of Quadron, gospel or just good music in general, watch this video and enjoy this musical mashup.

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