Nicholas Ryan Gant Gets Ahold Of D'Angelo's 'Lady'

Nicholas Ryan Gant Photos Frames

With his recent talk at the Red Bull Music Academy and him kinda sorta joining Twitter (not to mention a certain open letter), it seems that D'Angelo is once again the talk of the music industry. Though only two albums have been born from his 20+ year career, to deny the singer's effect on modern soul music would be a mistake. One of our favorite underrated soul singers, Nicholas Ryan Gant, decided to pay homage to D by covering one of his first hits, "Lady." Nicholas' take is a pretty straightforward, though slightly pared down, version, heavier on the organ and missing the vibrating bass of the original. But the simpler take allows NRG to shine, as his vocals (as well as invited guest Stori James' on the chorus) float over the track so smoothly, you'd almost think that his version was the original. With constant solid showings of his talents on his own original material and his deft handling of time-honored songs like this, it's only a matter of time before Nicholas is underrated no more.

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