Navasha Daya Encourages ‘Iwapele’ In Her First Music Video


Called an “Astral Soul Goddess” by MOJO Magazine, Navasha Daya is empowering all through the release of her very first music video for the song “Iwapele from 2012’s Rebirthed Above Ground EP. For the Fertile Ground fanatics who were fiending for the hypnotic, soul-stirring, addictive vocals and captivating energy synonymous with the group co-founded by Daya, “Iwapele” is just the fix needed to subside all symptoms of withdrawal.

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With sultry vocals, seductive instrumentation, message-laced lyrics and powerful images of positivity and solidarity, the video provides viewers with an artistic, melodic display of the Yoruba spiritual concept “Iwapele,” which translates into “good character.” The chorus “Be good, be kind, be sweet,” is heard and seen through out the visuals, easily becoming engrained into one’s mental bandwidth. Images of self-affirmation and good vibrations along with Navasha’s signature style and infectious smile, creates a feel-good vibe with a touch of sensuality.

“Iwapele” will make you “move into control and into acceptance” for the long-awaited first video from Navasha Daya.

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