MeLo-X's 'Love' For Cheri Dennis Is Contagious

MeLo X and Cheri Coke Black And White

Brooklyn renaissance man MeLo-X whipped up something this week and blasted it on SoundCloud to remind us why we first fell in love with former Bad Boy Records songstress Cheri Dennis. Although she originally eased her way onto the scene back in the earlier 2000s with her Ryan Leslie-laced debut single “I Love You,” the Ohio native who now goes by Cheri Coke has blessed us with quite a few alternative gems and remixes with the help of X. This time around her friend and frequent collaborator has given her debut single a bit of a facelift with this “God Mix,” as he appropriately calls it. Stripping the record of all of its synthy-pop and mainstream R&B sounds while adding a heavy hint of trap and a few distorted background vocals, MeLo-X resuscitates this almost 10-year-old jam and with ease, might I add. Get into this nostalgia-inducing cut and download a free copy of this remix on SoundCloud now.

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