Lira Will Make You 'Feel Good'


I don't personally know the South African singer and actress Lira, but she seems like the type of person who is just loving life and embracing it. I'm pretty much gathering that sentiment by way of her song, "Feel Good." I mean, it's obvious from the title and its jovial rhythms that the girl is choosing happiness and that she doesn't even need Pharrell Williams to tell her so.

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The visual for "Feel Good" beams even more soulful radiance as we're given glimpses into Lira's various  happy zones. Whether she's in a creative element, meeting up with fans or stomping the stage in colorful flowy gowns, Lira is getting her life, and she is just all smiles about it.

Africa and Europe have already fallen under Lira's spell, and it will be America's turn to embrace the Princess of Afro-Beat Soul, as her Rise Again project has recently been rereleased via Shanachie. I don't think she'll have much difficulty trying to win us over, as us stateside SoulBouncers are pretty much bought and sold on Lira and her joyful noise.

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