Khia Thinks ‘You Deserve It’


Khia You Deserve Cover

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It’s wedding season, and since we weren’t invited to Kimye’s celebration, rapper/singer Khia‘s got us covered with her mock nuptials. The Philly native makes her comeback and says “I do” in her new single “You Deserve It.” A little different from her Thug Misses days, Khia is taking a gentle, actually safe for work approach and using her vocals to sing sweetly to her significant other. Singing “my love wills you to come to me, don’t make me wait,” Khia is ready to take the next step with the man who deserves it. Considering we’re used to more risque material from the artist, this is definitely a different approach we can appreciate. The beat is pretty elementary — and so is her singing — but packaged together it’s not bad and will have your head bopping and doing a wedding two-step.

The teaser for the video (no one was looking for) debuted back in April, but a new trailer (made in iMovie) with more visuals surfaced just shy of the Memorial Day weekend. If anyone has any objections to Khia delivering this new single, speak now or forever hold your peace. Or just listen to the track, watch the trailer and look out for her upcoming album, Love Locs, which debuts July 7th.

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