Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Single For Summer, Suites I & II


I dunno about you guys, but it seems like everyone I know is getting boo’d up. My Instagram feed is full of happy couples tying the knot and my inbox is full of invites to various celebrations of coupledom. But summer isn’t just for lovers, you know, or at least not just those already in love. Hot days and warm nights are the perfect backdrops for the single to do some mingling. In that spirit, we’ve put together a couple of Hot 16 Spotify playlists together to be the sounds for your single summer days and nights with our Single for Summer suites.

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First up is Suite I, dedicated to those longing to be single but needing a little push. Led off by Donell Jones‘ seminal “Where I Wanna Be” and fluctuating between conventional and unconventional breakup selections from yesteryear and today with  Little Dragon, Erykah Badu, Gang Starr, Tracie Spencer, Tevin Campbell and D’Angelo all helping to free you up just in time to have a summer fling or two.

Suite II is all about the single life, with songs both hot and cool to celebrate the fun of singledom and the spice of summer lovin’. Cameo, Kelis, En Vogue, George Michael, Quadron, Company Freak, Michael Jackson and a few others are there to keep the groove going while you get your groove on.

So whether you’re trying to get single or continue to enjoy the single life, know that we here at SBHQ got your back. So go ahead a grab another spiked lemonade while you eye that cutie at the barbecue fixing up a plate and let us take care of the soundtrack.


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