Emily King Draws Us In With 'Distance'

Emily King Distance Lips Still


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Emily King is perfection in the new video for “Distance.” It's pretty actual and factual that “distance makes the heart grow fonder” because we've missed seeing and hearing this beauty. We’ve already reviewed her latest track and expressed that we need her to stop playing with our feelings and give us what we want -- a new album. And while we’re on the subject of newness, we need more videos like this one. Directed by Paul Jung at COLONY Studios Brooklyn, the split-screen effect of King singing paired with the colorful visual accessories lengthen our attention span. As her beautiful face (well, half of it) adorns the screen the majority of the time, you can also see shots that compliment her profound lyrics. Only King’s music and Jung’s creativity can make getting paint thrown on you while wearing headphones seem magical and glamorous all at the same time. Take a break from your pastel surroundings and let King bring you closer to her in the high-pigmented visuals for "Distance."

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