Electric Wire Hustle Will Show Us That 'Love Can Prevail' This September


Electric Wire Hustle's 2010 self-titled debut achieved cult status upon its release and will surely go down as a soul music classic in years to come. However, since the LP's release, things have been very quiet on the new music front besides a rumor here and there about a follow-up. Well those rumors have finally turned into something a little more concrete as the band has announced that their highly anticipated sophomore set, Love Can Prevail, will be released on September 8th via Okayplayer Records/Somethinksounds.

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The 10-track album will be preceded by two new EPs, the first of which will be called These Are The Last Days and will be released June 2nd, featuring remixes from Flako and Eliphino. To whet our appetites further the band have released a teaser video, which gives the album's tracklisting along with brief, cryptic notes that could possibly be lyrics. You can peep those after the video and join us in rejoicing about this good news. [H/T: OKP]

Electric Wire Hustle Love Can Prevail tracklist:

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1. These Are The Last Days [Pre-apocolyptic love joint]
2. Loveless [Hold on to your life]
3. Bye & By [If you're out there God, now would be a good time to say 'Hi.']
4. Bottom Line [A star is just something on fire]
5. The Spirit [ I want to get lost in the spirit]
6. Look In The Sky [Time has come to ease our minds / one day we'll be delivered]
7. Light Goes A Long Way [All the way out...]
8. To See You Again
9. Blackwater [See how it shines; metaphysical nickels and dimes]
10. Numbers and Steel [A hungry bird that's altogether strange; she's got me digging for my change]

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