Are You Here For Joe's Latest 'Dilemma'?

Joe Black Suit Profile

Just call Joe Nelly/Kelly, because the R&B crooner's got a "Dilemma." His latest single, from his recently announced upcoming album Bridges, finds the singer in a bit of a sticky situation. You see, he's caught up in a bit of a love triangle with two women and doesn't know which way to go and whatever decision he makes, someone's going to be hurt in the process. Yes, it's more of the same trife life story heard from hundreds of male R&B crooners of the day and if Joe had changed up the narrative just a bit or perhaps given us a better musical backdrop than the hi-hat-and-synth-heavy one featured here, then this visit to that all-too-familiar well would be a bit more palatable. As it stands though, it's just more of the same. Seeing as Joe is actually an accomplished singer/songwriter, we can only hope that he puts those skills to better use on Bridges, which will hit stores on June 24th. Check out Joe's "Dilemma," and let us know if you feel the singer's plight.

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