This Choklate & Stas THEE Boss Collaboration Has ‘Got It All’

Choklate We Got It All Cover

What happens when indie soul singer Choklate and Stas THEE Boss, one half of THEESatisfaction, join forces? Nothing but dopeness of course. The two Seattleites team up for the silky smooth joint, “You Got It All.” With Stas on production and Choklate on vocals, the short little ditty finds Choklate singing about the appropriation of the art and how the cycle can keep going because there’s no shortage of creativity.

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“We create from nothingness some of the most prolific and poignant art that the world has ever heard/seen,” explains Choklate. “It’s then emulated and reproduced then monetized, etc…and then we turn around and we create more…like we always have…like we always will.”

The two manage to pack a wallop of a punch into the song, even though it clocks in at under two minutes. Between Choklate’s rich voice and Stas’s subdued production, the song feels both heavy and buoyant, perfectly capturing the juxtaposition that we often find ourselves in. True to my selfish nature, my only complaint is that the song is way too short, leaving me wanting to see more of the picture that these talented ladies were painting.

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