Son Little's Blues Will 'Blow' You 'Away'

Son Little Blow Still

Son Little, or the artist formerly known as Aaron Livingston, came back on our radar with "Cross My Heart," a single that found the singer/songwriter merging timeless blues elements with a slightly electronic sound. For his latest single, the lengthily titled "Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches," he revisits the same ground for a modern blues stunner that is quite mesmerizing. Starting simply with just his echoing voice, he's soon joined by bluesy guitar and hip hop-flavored drums as he tells of a love that's left him trying to numb the pain of its loss. As for the song's visuals, Son captures the mood of the lyrics perfectly as we see him smoking, drinking and wandering aimlessly around the cold streets of New York. The entire length of the three-minute clip, you feel every drop of despair that Son communicates with his voice and the hazy feel of the song's instrumentation, which is exactly what a video is meant to deliver. "Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches" is currently available for purchase on iTunes. View the track's visuals and then make sure you add this soul-stirring blues number to your own collection.

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