Rita Ora Promises To 'Never Let You Down'


Although it's been almost two years since Whitney Houston's untimely death, the music world is still mourning the tragic loss. With her latest song, singer Rita Ora taps the late great Houston as her source of inspiration for "I Will Never Let You Down." According to Ora, she was hoping to channel vibes similar to Houston's earlier work. "It's obviously a very important song to me because it's a love song, but it reminds you of Whitney. And that was the vibe we were on," she explains in an interview with Paper Magazine. "We just wanted to feel good. You know that feeling of 'How Will I Know' with the synth? It just makes you feel happy; that's what I wanted to create."

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While whether or not the song is reminiscent of Houston's work is debatable, "I Will Never Let You Down" is definitely an upbeat and catchy pop tune. Produced by Ora's rumored boo Calvin Harris, the song and its accompanying video are brimming with buoyancy and optimism as she promises her love that she will never let him down even when he feels like giving up. The Francesco Carrozzini-helmed clip alternates between color and black-and-white shots that feature the blond beauty in various scenes, sometimes flanked by two dancers, as she sings her heart out. At times, Ora was giving me some serious Beyoncé vibes, which may not be completely coincidental considering that Carrozzini directed Bey's "Jealous" video. Regardless of if you think she's channeling Houston or King Bey, one thing is for certain: Ora's comfortable while trying to create her own lane.

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