Raleigh Ritchie Gets 'Chased' By The Internet

Raleigh BB P2 Cover

Brit R&B upstart Raleigh Ritchie has impressed us here at SBHQ with his two EPs, The Middle Child and Black & Blue. Likewise, Odd Future funksters The Internet have continued to impress us ever since we first wrapped our ears around their debut, Purple Naked Ladies, and its follow up, Feel Good. So what happens when these two acts get their chocolate all up in each other's peanut butter (pause)? You get the upcoming Black and Blue Point Two, a remix EP of sorts helmed by Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians.

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Our first taste of the the EP is original track "The Chased." Over a dreamy backing track that alternates between sped up and slowed percussion, Raleigh sings about chasing after love while a soft vocal (provided by Aisling Loftus) adds a harmonic counterpoint to his own. It's yet another reason to love the alt R&B star and look forward to whenever the singer decides to release a proper EP. In the meantime, Black and Blue Point Two, which will feature remixes of "Stronger," "Stay Inside," "Overdose" and "Free Fall," will be available for for free download on April 16th.

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