Jarell Perry Just Might 'Blow' You Away With This Beyoncé Cover


After successfully taking on a Drake song last week, Jarell Perry is back for more and this time he’s gunning for Beyoncé. Perry grabs a hold of his smooth and sensual tone to offer up a dope new rendition of “Blow,” the funkiest record off of Beyoncé’s self-titled release that rocked the music industry at the end of last year. With both Timbaland and Pharrell at the helm of production on the original record, Perry and his cohort HSVN had a lot to prove with this one but managed to bring something fresh to the table once again. They maintained the melody of the track while slowing it down and adding an alternative vibe to spice it up a little bit. Accentuating and repeating the lyric “I love the taste” certainly helped heighten the sensuality of the record, and Perry doesn’t hold back on bringing the steam at all. Mrs. Carter would be proud.

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