Rochelle Jordan Joins PARTYNEXTDOOR And Makes It 'R A I N'

Rochelle Party

Rochelle Jordan has been known to remix and remake songs by some of her Canadian peers and turn them into her own, and the up-and-coming songstress is up to it once again. This time, she's set her sights on PARTYNEXTDOOR and his track "Let It Rain." Retitling the track "R A I N," Rochelle and her cohort KLSH don't change the track too radically, keeping the laid back and introspective electro-groove mostly in tact. In fact, they utilize PARTYNEXTDOOR's entire opening verse. RoJo's vocal joins his on the chorus, though, making the song a sort of duet between the two Canadian underground R&B superpowers. Being that the original's production fits in nicely with RoJo and KLSH's output in the past, it's not surprising that Rochelle feels right at home as she rides the beat with her own verse and coasts out until the end of the track  in her signature style. If you're a fan of Rochelle or if you enjoyed PARTYNEXTDOOR's original recipe, you're sure to like what she's done with the number. And, even better, RoJo's making it rain on fans as she's offering this take up for free.

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