‘How’ Do You ‘Feel’ About The Preatures On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’?

Preatures Kimmel SXSW

The (hipster) heatwave known as SXSW has made the southern part of Texas THE hotbed destination of Spring Break ’14, and you bet I’m a little bummed about it considering that it’s just a hop, skip and jump from where I am, and yet some pesky moths just kept on collecting in my wallet to where I was forced to miss out. Boo and hiss. So I guess I’ll settle for seeing one of the groups I was looking forward to seeing during a Jimmy Kimmel  Live appearance. I mean, thank goodness for the Internet, right? Last night, Kimmel took his show to the Lone Star State capital to bring a little SXSW to late night, and he shined the spotlight on Aussie rockers on the rise The Preatures. I may be one of few who thought “Is This How You Feel?” was one of the best songs to come out last year, but I’m glad to see that others out there are discovering and showing love for a tune that expertly mixes in homages to Fleetwood Mac and Prince. And The Preatures don’t disappoint with this performance that keeps Austin “weird” and southern fried, but still all-around fun. The band also performed their latest single, “Better Than It Could Ever Be.” For those SoulBouncers who like to take a detour off the usual soulful path, you’ll find a gem of a rocker with that one.

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