‘Get High’ With Veronica Domingues

Veronica Domingues I Get High

Bounce-Worthy artist Veronica Domingues could be next in line for the Latin Soul throne. The 24-year-old Canadian of Portuguese descent credits the sounds of her culture, and the likes of Whitney Houston and Shania Twain, as her musical inspirations. Yet ahead of her forthcoming EP, Just Chill, Domingues has dropped the sultry “I Get High,” an ode to her love of music, lest you think it’s a nod to more, ahem, pharmaceutical passions. “I Get High” fuses seductively smooth blaring horns, a jazzy hip-hop melody and almost Amy Winehouse-like vocals that showcase precision, years of practice and hypnotic allure.

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Think of Veronica as a dolled up ingénue — donning elegant Billie Holiday or Rita Moreno-style garb and hair — seducing an audience in front of a vintage carbon microphone. Add a backing band in the style of The Roots or a subdued Hooligans, who back Bruno Mars, and that’s the vibe you’ll come away with after a play of “I Get High.” Noting the EP’s name, the track is suitable for chilling, relaxing, nodding your head — all the things that laid-back, soul-sung songs with a throwback ’90s and lounge feel make music heads do.

Veronica Domingues has quite a different approach from other Latin Soul torchbearers — the legendary Lisa Lisa, pre-clubbed out diva Veronica and the glam-but-street-savvy Jennifer Lopez — but is uniquely notable for breaking a mold or two with this release.

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