Don't Be A 'Hater,' Check Out Big Boi's Latest Mash-Up

Big Boi Part Time Hater Cover

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We've really been enjoying Big Boi's "Mash-Up Mondays" series, which has given us creative blends of songs from the rapper's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and classics from yesteryear. But, alas, all good things must come to an end and we've reached the end of the road in the series. No need for the sads, though. This time Big Boi and collaborator Dungeoneze travel back to the 1980s to splice together "She Hates Me" with Stevie Wonder's funky groove "Part Time Lover." While the two songs don't exactly match up lyrically, Stevie's contribution to the '80s soundscape is the perfect backdrop for Big Boi's southern-fried flow and Kid Cudi's drowsy, slightly slurred chorus. It's an inspired and fitting end to an already stellar series. While we hate to see "Mash-Up Mondays" go, we can take solace in knowing that bigger things are coming in its wake. Big Boi is currently deep in rehearsals for Outkast's long slate of festival reunion performances, which will more likely than not will be the hottest tickets this spring and summer. As the anticipation for that builds, listen to and download "Part Time Hater" to get your Big Boi fix.

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