A/T/O/S Have 'What' You 'Need'


Sometimes it's nice to hear a single/EP/album without any context. There is something special about pressing play, not knowing anything about the music you are about to hear or who has created it, and just letting the sounds wash over you, sink in and take hold. That's exactly what happened when we came across the duo A/T/O/S (A Taste Of Struggle) and their self-titled debut album released earlier this month on renowned dubstep label Deep Medi. The mysterious pair, who only go by the names Amos and Truenoys, have crafted an album that effortlessly fuses R&B-laced vocals, broken beat rhythms, the speaker-rumbling bass of dubstep and the urban-focused subject matter of '90s trip-hop. With early support from Gilles Peterson and remixes from dubstep legend Skream it should only be a matter of time before we hear much more from A/T/O/S but, until then, satisfy yourselves with a spin of one of the many album highlights, "What I Need," right here.

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