Noel Gourdin & Avery Sunshine ‘Can’t Wait’ To Get Together


With Valentine’s Day exactly a week away, if you have a boo and want to hang on to he or she then you better have your plans together. At the very least you would want to have your sexytime playlist right and tight. If you have neither your plans nor your playlist together yet, then you’re in luck because Noel Gourdin and Avery Sunshine are here to the rescue. The pair have hooked up on the delectable duet “Can’t Wait” and hooked listeners up in the process with a mellow smooth R&B joint. On “Can’t Wait,” Noel and Avery sing about not being able to wait to get t it in and get it on. That’s what I’m talking about. Play this one for your significant other and their clothes are liable to fall off. Per Noel, just remember to keep the high heels on.

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