Nicholas Ryan Gant Gives Us 'Something' To 'Love' For Valentine's Day

Nicholas Ryan Gant Green Scarf

Valentine's Day (or, for those of us who aren't boo'd up, Singles Awareness Day) is officially upon us. This year, instead of showering you with chocolates and jewels, we're giving you the true gift that keeps on giving: Music. To help us in that mission, Nicholas Ryan Gant, one of our favorite singers, has given us an exclusive track that we're premiering right here, right now. Written by Nicholas himself and produced by Taylor Pace, "Something Like Love" is all about that feeling you get when you first find love. The breezy, simple ballad pairs the singer's effortlessly amazing vocals with a simple guitar arrangement for a song that's sure to make anyone who listens feel extra special. Nicholas is offering the song on a pay-what-you-like basis on his Bandcamp profile, so take a listen to the track here and then show him so love over there. Also, be sure to stay tuned to SoulBounce, as we've got many more musical surprises for all you music lovers out there this Valentine's Day.

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