'even in the dark' Nasimiyu Still Finds The Light


Do you ever want to break free from mundane life routines and inhibitions? Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Nasimiyu provides the dreamer’s anthem for anyone who seeks a carefree lifestyle in her most current single, "even in the dark." In the song, she boldly proclaims that she doesn't need the materialistic standards that society encourages us to chase in our pursuit of happiness. Instead, Nasimiyu looks within herself to find the joy that she needs. In her own words, she explains her inspiration on writing the song via Tumblr:

"Even in the Dark," is a song of GRATITUDE. It is a dedication to the people and the natural forces that have given me hope and belief in something bigger than what the American Dream has to offer. Something other than the colonized experience — something more integral to our own personal truths and inner sources of bliss. It is a wave of colorful sonic energy meant to fuel brighter visions of worlds worth working toward.

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Right on, sis! Back in 2012, Nasimiyu caught our ears with her debut album Rules Aren't Real, which also empowers listeners to find their own truths. This year Nasimiyu continues to march to the beat of her own drum with her latest EP, dirt. If you like what you hear on "even in the dark," be sure to head over to her Bandcamp to check out the rest of the EP.

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