Does The Floacist’s New Video Make You ‘Feel Good’?


The Floacist is back with a new single and video. From her upcoming album Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid, Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart reminds us what love looks and feels like with “Feel Good.” Known for her hypnotic flows in the once duo Floetry, The Floacist still has her rhymes and can carry a little tune. In the song she asks “Don’t it make you feel good, when the love is real good?” She whispers over a laid back beat with jazzy undertones, and in the video dominates with her intense energy. The song itself is just okay, but paired with the thoughtful video, it works. We watch The Floacist appreciate and celebrate the love she has with her significant other, played by spoken word artist Komplex. The couple makes sense, and we get to see a believable sensual side of The Floacist. The video directed by Ja-Mar Jones, with its beautiful blue hues and artsy shots of the couple, compliments the love expressed in the track. If The Floacist’s new track makes you feel good, you can look out for her new album, which debuts on March 18th.

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