Ab & 14KT Ask ‘Can I Be Your Lover’


Aaron “Ab” Abernathy and 14KT may have spent five years on and off pulling together their collaborative debut album Saturn Return, but the duo are wasting no time in churning out singles for the project. Their latest is the track “Can I Be Your Lover,” which gets an extra boost from the newly released music video. In the clip we see Ab singing and 14KT profiling while scenes of the fictional couple of “Ab” and “Lalah,” whose romance is chronicled throughout Saturn Return, go through the motions of their relationship. There are the natural growing pains, but every time they grow apart they grow together again. We watch as the faceless characters Ab and Lalah ebb and flow with the real-life Ab and 14KT providing quite the fitting soundtrack.

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Today also marks the iTunes release day of Saturn Return, so if you have yet to cop it let this be your incentive.

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