Zo!, Eric Roberson & Phonte Show That They Can 'Move'

Zo WAOTM Video Shoot

Zo!'s ManMade definitely brought us joy in 2013, and it looks like it'll continue to do so well into the new year. To make sure of it, Zo! gathered partners in crime Eric Roberson and Phonte for the latest throwback visual from the set. "We Are on the Move" finds the fellas (and one of Zo!'s band members) decked in '80s-reminiscent suit and tie combinations as they walk, run and most importantly dance their way down streets, pathways and parking lots as the funky groove makes the perfect traveling music. If you've ever seen Erro, Phonte or Zo! perform before, then you know that each of them like to ham it up, and they take every opportunity here to mug for the camera as they do the most outrageous dance moves this side of a Soul Train line throughout the clip. And, if you look closely, you'll realize the clip for "We Are on the Move" looks a little bit familiar to you. That's because it's a loving parody of The Whispers' video for 1983 track "Keep On Lovin' Me," which obviously informed Zo!'s song as well. It's pretty much just a few friends having a good ol' time on film. If you haven't cracked a smile today, then tune in to The Foreign Exchange Video Network right here and get your watch on. 

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