Willow & Jaden Smith Strike Once Again With '5'

Jaden Willow Catching Fire

Say what you want about the Smith children, but you can't say they aren't talented. 13-year-old Willow Smith and 15-year-old Jaden Smith team up for Willow's follow up to last year's "Summer Fling." Like "Fling," Willow's "5" finds the precocious preteen once again singing about young love over floating production that at once evokes an older sound but somehow sounds progressive, too. Lyrically, however, "5" is sure to stoke a bit of controversy as they seem more appropriate for someone a bit older. For example, both are years short of their 18th birthday, yet there are references to Willow inhaling the "smoke rolling off your lips" (and Jaden also references hating that the object of his affections smokes cigarettes). Still, Willow's musical sensibilities are obviously growing, with her vocals becoming increasingly stronger and more nuanced with each single she releases. And, while Jaden's rap comes off a bit clunky and siblings duetting on a love song is a bit...weird, "5" is definitely something worth taking a listen to. With a fairly solid and impressive collection of singles under her belt, we can't help but wonder when young Willow will do us one better and release a full-length project.

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