Remy Shand Starts The Year With His ‘Best’

Remy Shand TBIM Cover

Remy Shand’s return to the scene was one of the more unexpected stories in music last year. Since then, he’s been releasing a steady stream of songs and instrumentals to the public and the new year shows that he doesn’t plan on stopping his output. The Canadian blue-eyed soulster’s latest is his new single, “The Best In Me.” A smoky, slowly simmering groove composed of organ, horn flourishes and electric guitar, it finds Remy singing of a love that brings out his best and only makes him want to be better. Most notable here is that Remy mostly abandons the falsetto that he so effortlessly showcased on his debut,  The Way I Feel. Instead, he employs a fuller, raspier tenor that expresses the rugged desire that the song’s soundbed demands. And then, just like that, he turns the song over to an electrifying guitar solo that closes the whole thing out. While there’s still no word on whether “The Best In Me” and his other new material signifies that a full-length album is in the works, Remy is offering all of his most recent songs for sale on his Bandcamp page. Take a listen to “The Best In Me” best in me now and then be sure to add this one to your collection.

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