Plug Into Rob Milton's 'Electric Feel'


Coming off of his most prolific year yet, Rob Milton is poised to have a breakout year in 2014 with the release of his newest project, Electric Feel. The 10-track collection shows just how Bounce-Worthy our SoulBounce family member is with songs that speak to the soul and mind. Produced by Roman Lee Norfleet of the duo Black Fantastic, the tracks on Electric Feel are warmly wrapped in laid-back nu-soul and electro grooves. The musical vibes are right, and the lyrical content is on point as well. Personal favorites include "Jump & Move," "Real Thing" and the Lexx Black featuring title track, which isn't Rob's take on the popular MGMT song of the same name, but is instead an original tune where he urges us to "get back to what's real." Take a listen to Rob Milton's Electric Feel in full right here, and if you enjoy what you hear be sure to cop the album via Bandcamp or iTunes today.

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