Pharrell Gets 'Happy' In This Beats By Dre Commercial

Pharrell's "Happy" is the backdrop for this cheery new commercial for Beats by Dre. Complete with dancing Beat Pills, who have impeccable rhythm by the way, the video is a nod to his 24-hour music video for the single. After the year Pharrell had, we're thinking Dr. Dre wants some of that happy to rub off on him and his mini-speakers. Just like most of the dancing, Pharrell is keeping us on our toes in anticipation of his solo project this year. If his attitude in the "Happy" video and commercial are any indication of what we'll get, then it should be an awesome 2014 for one of our favorite producers. As we await his upcoming LP, and anything else he comes up with in between, catch Pharrell and a dancing Pusha T in the latest Beats by Dre ad.


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