Malice & Mario Sweet Invite You To Join In Their 'Celebration'

As wedding anniversaries go, it's expected that the couple in question give gifts to each other. Not so for married duo Malice & Mario Sweet. While I'm sure they shower gifts upon each other every year, the Seattle-based couple also like to commemorate the occasion by gifting music listeners with free music. To celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this past New Year's Day, the couple released "Celebration" via their SoundCloud page. Available for free download, the song is a buoyant affair that puts their love for one another on full display. Whether you're currently in a relationship or living the single life, it's hard to not smile while listening to this infectious tune. This isn't the first time that Malice and Mario have celebrated their anniversary with the gift of free music; three years ago they commemorated the occasion with the release of their debut Happy 2 Year. Last summer, they welcomed the birth of their first child together and released their second EP, Enjoy:Like:Love. As a hopeless romantic, I can't help but root for the Sweets, who are so generous to share glimpses of their bond via their music.

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