Jody Watley Finally Shows Us The 'Nightlife'


SoulBounce has been covering the resurgence of Jody Watley over the past couple months with high anticipation. The diva, who basically wrote the book for dance music in the '80s, gave us “Nightlife,” a foot-tappin’ jam with global appeal. Fans were very receptive, taking the song to the top 20 of the dance charts and the song’s groove and simplicity were fodder for producers to remix and develop numerous iterations.  The official video for the track utilizes Dave Doyle's remixed version and finds Jody enjoying herself with friends (including original Shalamar member Gerald Brown) for a night out on the town. While I am sure that none of our nights out include fans, ice cream trucks and voguing, for Jody this is probably par for the course. Paradise, Jody’s first album in over seven years, will be released later this year. Until then, enjoy the nightlife.

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