Drop 'Everything' To Hear Neneh Cherry's Latest


Got about seven minutes to spare? Well, even if you don't, you still need to manage a little room in your schedule in order to take a listen to the latest sound heater from Neneh Cherry. Cherry's long-awaited Blank Project, as promised, will be arriving in a few short weeks, and after proving she still can pounce on a groove as displayed on the album's title track, she continues to come correct with the  sprawling "Everything." In a way, the track contains just about everything that fits Cherry's multi-tasking persona to a tee, as she sings, spits out lyrics and even throws in a few crackling cries that turn things into a real jungle boogie. All this is then wrapped up in Four Tet's spiky, yet brooding beat and you've got a real eclectic slice of work to dive into, and believe me, the seven minutes will fly by once you sink into this track. And if you can spare some more minutes, then Cherry also has recruited DJ Ricardo Villalobos to remix "Everything" into a kick-drum peppered uptempo that clocks in at a whopping 10 minutes. So watching the clock is not an option at this point.

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