'Dontcha' Wanna Watch The Internet On 'The Queen Latifah Show'?

The Internet QLS Show

The Internet made us all feel good when they dropped their sophomore set Feel Good back in September. And now the Odd Future affiliates are taking aim at national stages. One of their first stops was on The Queen Latifah Show, which is quickly becoming our one of our favorite shows on television, especially when it comes to music. The band dusted off Feel Good's first single "Dontcha" for the audience, adding a few unexpected flourishes to the track as front woman Syd the Kyd captivated the audience in her uniform of a white T, khakis and socks. It was a pretty good performance all around, with the band showing exactly why they might just be the next big thing in music. Hopefully, with Syd, Matt Martians and the band gaining more national attention like this, more folks will get exposed to just how good Feel Good really is.

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