Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies Take 'Time' To Pay Tribute To Beyoncé


We’ve seen tributes before, but this one is a step, or tap, above the rest. In a carefully choreographed video, the Syncopated Ladies tap out the rhythm to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” The female crew includes six dancers making music with their bodies, stomping out the tune to the popular song. Ironically, the video debuted the day before best-kept secret BEYONCÉ was actually released. The group’s director and choreographer Chloe Arnold was inspired by and worked with Beyoncé, so she got her tap band together to recreate some Sasha Fierce-ness. Dressed in seductive corsets and red lips, the ladies tap out the beat and perform lively solos for the breakdown of the song. Known for her creative live performances, maybe Yoncé should think about incorporating tap for the next part of her tour? Until then, put your dancing shoes on and check out this edgy tap-fest from the Syncopated Ladies.

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