Allow Applejac & DJ Jaycee To Reintroduce Themselves As ‘Crockett & Tubbz’

There are some things that just go together perfectly. Peanut butter and jelly. Lemon and lime. Vodka and orange juice. Those pairings may all be of the food and beverage variety, but something more SoulBounce’s speed is the joining together of DJ homies Applejac and DJ Jaycee who’ve united as Dunny Crockett and Reekardo Tubbz for Crockett & Tubbz: The Mixtape, Vol. 1. The Atlanta-based turntable masters have been friends for over 20 years and are two experienced DJs who’ve performed together and solo extensively at home and across the country and world. With a wink and nod to the Miami Vice characters from whom they borrowed their new nicknames, Applejac and Jaycee came up with the concept of Crockett & Tubbz to celebrate the sounds of the 1980s banging everything from R&B and pop to soul, funk, hip hop and more. There’s no playlist for Crockett & Tubbz: The Mixtape, Vol. 1 because Dunny and Reekardo wanted to keep it a surprise, but you’ll find choice cuts on here from Sade, George Michael, Prince and many more throwback favorites — and that’s just in the first 10 minutes. To find out who else is in the mix with Crockett & Tubbz, you’ll have to listen for yourself, which you can do right here before grabbing a free download of this nostalgic slice of nice.

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Crockett & Tubbz: The Mixtape by Dj Applejac on Mixcloud

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