Alex Isley Slips Into A James Blake State Of Mind With 'Retro-Wilhelm'

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm in a sense trying to begin my 2014 with as little drama as possible and I'm seeking a smoother soundtrack to keep me on the chill side. So it's a happy coincidence that Alex Isley pops up with the perfect aural addition to that zen start I'm craving. Cleverly combining James Blake notables "Retrograde" and "Wilhelm Scream," Isley's "Retro-Wilhelm" combines the best elements of Blake's atmospheric trances, and drives and merges them with the lush richness of her vocal tone. I admit I'm not the biggest fan of James Blake, but I appreciated the pensiveness to "Wilhelm Scream" and now hearing Miss Isley taking on the density of these two tracks is a nice and bold revival that shines new appreciation for its original source. Spend nearly seven minutes in heaven with Alex Isley when you press play.

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