'Why Can't' Ma$e Stay Away?

The good reverend Mason Betha, better known by his rap name Ma$e, has returned once again. The one-time Bad Boy representer threatened us with a new album, tentatively titled Now We Even, back in October. It seems that he's ready to make good on that promise with the release of the new track "Why Can't We." The R&B-tinged tune finds Ma$e and his signature lazy flow mining the same material that brought him fame back in the late '90s -- jewels, girls and cars are all tossed in the mix here -- while we get vocals from HER, who, despite the feminine name, I'm assuming is the male crooner who gets the most time on the track. While hearing Ma$e somewhat in his element here definitely brings back high school memories of rappers in shiny suits and over-the-top Hype Williams videos, I'm not sure that a Ma$e comeback is what the world needs right now. But I could be wrong. Take a listen to "Why Can't We" below and let us know if Ma$e's return is something you're anticipating.

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