We 'Imagine' You'll Love Moods Remix Of Jordan Rakei

The Internet has made this vast world of ours a very small place. People on opposite sides of the globe are now just a keyboard stroke, mouse click, instant message or email away. We have the World Wide Web to thank for this very website to even exist, introducing us to many artists and music that we many never otherwise hear and also bringing musicians together who would never get a chance to work with each other without deep pockets to fly here, there and everywhere for studio sessions. We don't know exactly how Dutch producer Moods and Australian wonder Jordan Rakei linked up, but we suspect online technology had something to do with it, and the result is a remix by the former of the latter's song "Imagine" that gives us everything that we didn't know we wanted nor needed. Moods slows things down with the addition of more percussion that increases the drama and opportunities for heavier head nodding. Jordan turned heads a few months ago with his digital album Franklin's Room, where the original version of "Imagine" can be found, and we've been enamored with his brand of Aussie soul for most of this year. We can't wait to hear what Rakei has in store for us in the year ahead, and if he hooks up with Moods again we won't be mad.   


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