Turquoise Summers Will Stay In Your 'Heart'

As a child of the late '70s, I have a special place in my heart for '80s music. So needless to say, I've been head over heels ecstatic about the resurgence of the synthesized sounds by many of today's artists. Producer Turquoise Summers is one of the new artists who has been keeping me in a nostalgic mind state all year with his debut full-length album A Touch of Turquoise and the album's super-dope single, "Phase Shiftin.'" Now he's back with more of that throwback flare with his latest gem "You're Still in My Heart," a mellow groove that reminds me of '80s-era Herbie Hancock. The laid-back instrumental is perfect for lounging about and just zoning out. And while I sometimes think some instrumentals could be improved by adding vocals, this song is definitely not one of them. Adding anything to it would just sully the song's ultra-smooth vibe, but then again, maybe that's just me. Check it out for yourself, and see if you think the enigmatic producer's latest is perfect just as it is.


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