Tamar Braxton Seems To ‘Have’ Some Trouble At ‘Home’


As we near the climax of the holiday season, our thoughts usually turn to warm ones of friends and family and holiday cheer. That doesn’t seem to be the case for our dear friend Tamar Braxton, however. This holiday season, she’s releasing two videos that deal with tumultuous times on the homefront, “All The Way Home” and “She Can Have You.”

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For “All The Way Home,” Mrs. Braxton-Herbert takes you into her home life with hubby Vincent Herbert as his constantly busy ways threaten to disrupt their happy home. However, toward the video’s end, the script is flipped and we see that good ol’ Vince isn’t the only culprit, as Tamar herself is also guilty of the same things that she finds fault with him about. At least “All The Way Home” offers a happy resolution, though.

“She Can Have You” finds Tamar in a rage after she finds out her man (played by her backup dancer Alvester Martin) has been doing some stocking stuffing on the side this Christmas. After drowning her sorrows in a bottle of whiskey, she goes all Waiting to Exhale on the Christmas decorations, toppling the tree and ruining any chance of her getting on Santa’s nice list.

They’re both entertaining clips that will definitely take your mind off that unfortunate wardrobe situation she had going on at the Soul Train Awards, so go ahead and take a peek at both right now.

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