'Reach Out' For Mayer Hawthorne's Latest Visuals

While the GRAMMYs got a few things right with the nominations they announced last Friday, they also got a few things wrong. One of the most glaring omissions, in my opinion, was not including Mayer Hawthorne's outstanding Pharrell Williams-produced track "Reach Out Richard." Lifted from his similarly outstanding album Where Does This Door Go?, "Reach Out Richard" serves as an ode to Mayer's father while channeling the best features of the yacht rock sound. For the song's visuals, the crooner opted to keep it relatively simple with footage from multiple performances spliced together and a few touching home videos of him and his father added for good measure. However, he does employ one little gimmick by utilizing a 360-degree camera rig which captures the performances from every possible angle, giving us a rotating collage of sorts of Mayer's different looks (and haircuts) during the different filmings of the separate performances. While it's not exactly breaking any molds, it's still a visual that is a pretty good match to the feeling and sentiment of its song.

After the bounce

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