Raleigh Ritchie Finds Love To Be A ‘Bloodsport’

Brit newcomer Raleigh Ritchie continues readying the masses for his second EP, Black and Blue. After already previewing two new tracks from the set, “Free Fall” and “Overdose,” Raleigh returns with “Bloodsport.” Once again focusing on the complexities of love and relationships, the singer chronicles a love where every moment seems to be a fight. But, instead of being put off by the struggle, it instead spurs him to fight on because the battles are indeed worth it. While “Bloodsport” is yet another moody-sounding track from the burgeoning singer, he seems to be most at home in introspective waters, contemplating some of life’s everyday trials. If you’re enjoying what you’ve heard of his Black and Blue EP thus far, you can pre-order it right now on iTunes or simply wait for its release on January 5th.


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