Praise 'Jesus' & Casamena For This Remix Of Kem, Patti LaBelle & Ron Isley

Anyone who attends church on Christmas proves a devotion to their faith. But if the pilgrimage is sprinkled with obligation because pushy relatives said, "You need Jesus," politely agree and push play on Kem's "Jesus." The tune appears on the deluxe version of his holiday album, What Christmas Means to Me, and guest stars the incomparable Patti LaBelle and Mr. Biggs himself, Ron Isley. But while the already soulful track is itself bounce-worthy, a notch gets kicked up tenfold with the "Casamena Basement Remix." Reinterpreted by house head and global soulster Carlos Mena, the underground religious experience celebrates with pulsating Afrobeat (Hallelujah!). It then builds, crescendoing with the gentle thumps of hypnotizing global and soulful house (Yes!!). Finally, be prepared to convulse thanks to the exorcism-inducing vocals of two R&B legends sharing the mic with the smoothness that is Kem, praising the Savior for the goodness in their lives (Praise Him!!!). With nary a dull moment, "Jesus (Casamena Basement Remix)" is at once a sermon and a salvation in the ever-growing -- and ever-diversifying -- catalog of Christmas cuts.


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