K. Michelle Has A Traumatic 'Christmas Night'

No folks, it's not December 26th yet, so if you're feeling Christmas music fatigue (Lord knows I am) you're just gonna have to deal for at least two more days. That being said, R&B newcomer K. Michelle is hoping that there's room for just one more entry in the overstuffed Christmas music field as she releases the visuals for her original tune "Christmas Night." The holiday track, a part of a special two-song bundle that's available now, is about the sadder side of the holiday. You see, K. has been left lonely by her lover and is now forced to deal with the resulting sadness that is spending Christmas alone. Unfortunately, none of this is conveyed in the video. Instead, she opts for the "live performance" route. Live performance is in quotes because, while she is indeed singing in front of her band, there is no audience shown in the video -- which, in my opinion, kinda defeats the purpose of a live performance video. This is coupled with some questionable camera work that doesn't allow the viewer to focus on the singer at one angle for longer than two seconds. Budget video aside, the song is actually a fairly good one, especially for those nursing a heartbreak over the holidays. The video, however, deserves a lump of coal.

After the bounce

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