Jermaine 'Hardsoul' Mobley Gathers Eric Roberson & D. Scott To Wish You A 'Merry Christmas'

As I've said time and time again, I kinda hate Christmas music. Not to say that there aren't a few yuletide selections that slip past my radar (in fact, it seems to be a yearly occurrence at this rate -- maybe my Grinch-like heart is softening after all). Jermaine "Hardsoul" Mobley and frequent collaborator Eric Roberson have created this year's entry on my "Christmas Songs I Don't Hate" list with their simply titled "Merry Christmas." Instead of focusing on the holiday, however, they make the refrain a romantic ode to a special lady. Inviting D. Scott along for the sleigh ride, the track is full of R&B grooves as Eric, Jermaine and D. Scott switch off on the verses and provide silky smooth, almost Boyz II Men-like harmonies during the chorus. And, as if their vocals weren't enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy, the soundbed spices up the typical sleigh bells and piano of the season with a warm bass and percussion reminiscent of the best mid-'90s R&B slow jams. If you wanna make this soulful cut a part of your holiday, you can pick it up right now on iTunes. But before you do, pour up some egg nog and have a listen right here.


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