How Do We 'Feel' About This Robin Thicke Video?

Now that his "Blurred Lines" has went from the song of the summer to the song that everybody loves to hate (despite landing the singer a few GRAMMY nominations), Robin Thicke is on to pushing the next single from his latest effort. He's already performed his new single "Feel Good" on NBC's The Voice, and he takes the motif from that performance a step further in the visuals for the song. Playing what appears to be a Vegas performer, he's once again sitting behind the mirrored piano and crooning. What's interesting, though, is that while he is once again surrounded by beautiful women (though they are much more clothed than in "Blurred Lines") he seems a bit world-weary here. A drink is constantly in his hand throughout the clip, and during the song's break down it seems like the singer is, well, breaking down (turning the refrain "Does it feel good?" into a rather ominous question). But soon it's back to light shows, showgirls and glitter, with that melancholy section pushed aside. What exactly is the message here? I guess that's up to interpretation. Still, this is perhaps the most thoughtful video to come from Blurred Lines the album, even if unintentionally.

After the bounce

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